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     ❝ Hey — uh, sorry. I was just…
          wondering if you could tell me
          where I am?

                     ——- My car broke down. ❞

   A believable enough lie, don’t you think?
   Nevermind the fact that he didn’t outright
     O W N the car, but… details, details.


   Hearing the unfamilar voice made her heart skip
   slightly, the fact that she didn’t see him coming.
   To be fair, she was too focused on sending a
   quick text message, having had to retype it several
   times. Anxiety was just getting the best of her.

   She turned around, pale-skinned, yet clothed arms
   wrapped around her dainty waist, quickly putting her
   cell phone away before managing to speak properly. 
   Apologies. She didn’t react too well to strangers
   approaching her from behind, specially when she just
   finished doing something.

     ”Uhm…yeah, sure. We’re in Mohawk Boulevard.
     Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be more specific…”

   With a timid, nervous smile, she briefly turned her gaze
   towards a Quiktrip station, tapping her food impatiently.
   You see, she was waiting for two of her companions to
   buy some food and fill their car with more gas before 
   hitting the road. Well, if they didn’t find them first.

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A joint dangles in between her lips as a small flame lights
the tip, letting it sit there for a brief moment as she puts
away her lighter. With one hand, Poppy’s fingertips reach
to massage the back of her neck, while she holds the hash
stick with the index and thumb of her free hand upon inhaling.
With it escaping her mouth and a heavy sigh, smoke finds its
way out from her throat to the air trapped in the room.

She hadn’t thought of coming to the party, to be honest. Being
surrounded by loud, perverted teenagers who are probably drunk
or high off their mind and having her ears explode with music she
hates is something that she tries to avoid. Chilling with people in
her so-called social circle is one thing, but surrounded by those
who either find her weird or downright pretentious. Either way,
she has worse things to worry about.

So, there she is, gazing tiredly at the ceiling, letting the music
from downstairs fade from her eardrums. She was lucky enough
to know the host beforehand, as that’s probably the one reason
why she was aloud in her room, but she is only one of the few
who understood her standoffish habits, after all. She made sure
to crack the window and door slightly open, just as she was
asked, so that’s probably the reason why the doesn’t hear the
growing sound of footsteps too clearly.


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I mean, you look at the horror sweeping all the way up from my wrists to my elbows, and you have to take a deep breath and ask yourself, do I really want to know what happened there?
Mark Z. Danielewski, The House of Leaves (via gloamingdread)

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To those I still owe replies, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to them yet. Not only I’ve been lacking muse for Poppy, but as of late, I’ve been trying to make a new verses page (and adding new verses) and searching for a good theme, if not a new color scheme as well. I’ve been finding my blog to be a little bit messy, so I was debating into making this one an archive blog to start fresh or directly have it go through some extensive editing, and as you can see, I’m doing the latter.

I’ve downloaded some torrents and videos here, and there to make more icons. Poppy’s main FC is rarely, if ever, used in the Tumblr rpg community, but with Men, Women & Children, and Laggies coming out during these last months of the year (plus with Last Man Standing having started it’s forth season yesterday), I’m trying to make as many icons as I can, but it’s not my top priority atm, you know?

Also, for those who are interested, I have a Kik and Twitter for Poppy, but if you follow/add me, please tell me who you are. I prefer these to be reserved for mutuals, but I don’t mind it for others too.



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                                                   There is a reason why I

                                              ❀ SMILE 

                                                           it’s because

                                                          some people

                                                              need it.



"I saw this guy getting a tattoo today at work, and he just started sobbing. I feel so sorry for him, his friends were the worst and he only has half of a tattoo. It was kind of heart breaking."

"Only half of it? Well, shit. Suppose it depends on how
big was the one he wanted to get. Oh? What did they
do to him?”

My muse HAS to answer everything truthfully for one hour, starting now!

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