is there a powder to erase this?

is it dissolvable and tasteless?

"Memory is a tenuous thing...flickering glimpses, blue and white, like ancient, decomposing 16mm film."
Ellen Hopkins, Impulse


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"I saw this guy getting a tattoo today at work, and he just started sobbing. I feel so sorry for him, his friends were the worst and he only has half of a tattoo. It was kind of heart breaking."

"Only half of it? Well, shit. Suppose it depends on how
big was the one he wanted to get. Oh? What did they
do to him?” rp-memes

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there’s a blogger going around promoting hate based on what the theme on their page looks like and the threads they read. if you get an answered message in your tag as a ‘review’ for your blog, please ignore it and don’t let it bother you. i’m unsure who this is, but i don’t want any of my followers to feel bad because of what this person is doing.

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Leisure Suite - Feist


incertii is drawing near the monsoon

"Are you sure this is a good idea, dude?"

She nervously presses her lips, crossing her arms.
if she has to be honest with herself, she doesn’t
even know why she decided to come in the first
place, specially considering she is far from being
a party girl. Poppy glances at her roomate, Layla,
worry splattered across her gaze, letting out a
sigh as she turned back to the stranger.

To say the least, she is worried about her. The
youthful teen is aware the girl is adrenaline-
seeking by nature, but this was too much—she
was completely and utterly obliterated, something
that makes herself glad that she doesn’t drink. In
one blink of an eye, Layla could stumble down to
a river for all she knew.


shiftiism is drawing near the monsoon 

Pushing fawny blonde-tipped locks behind her ear, Poppy
straightens herself in her seat before, with her right hand,
reaching for her Dunkaccino before taking a brief sip. It had
quite a long day for the newly-turned junior, not only having
woken up with the wrong foot, but she had been given a
ton of homework to hand out for what’s left of the week and
the following one. As most of the abundant assignments
were for Algebra and Physics, she decided to spend a few
hours at Dunkin’ Donuts, where she hasn’t been for quite
some time.

So now, there she is, her Physics notebook opened next to
her ordered drink and two donuts—frosted berry shortcake
and PB&J-flavored kreme. Goddamn, she’s so hungry that
she could have eaten a table if she had instead decided to
go straight to her group home. With one hand, she reaches
for the PB&J kreme donut, taking a massive bite out of it as
if she hadn’t seen food for a century. Zipping her pencil case
wide open, she takes out a pen to begin completing the first
part of her homework.

Well, that’s until an object bluntly hit her in the back of the
head out the blue, completely taking away all concentration
she had left. What exactly hit her? She has no idea. Frankly,
she doesn’t have the energy to process what it was, but oh
boy, she is absolutely enraged. Anger is painted across her
hazel gaze and childlike, freckled features.

Oh, come on! Give me a fucking break!” txmari

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,

I’m sorry that I survived,

And if I could go back in time

You never would have died

"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via wordsnquotes)

Remember when you saw her for the first time? shoujo-l0ve