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"Memory is a tenuous thing...flickering glimpses, blue and white, like ancient, decomposing 16mm film."
Ellen Hopkins, Impulse


sixteen | mutant | survivor

Indie Marvel OC. Multi-fandom/OC friendly. 17+. Please read rules before following.


Yo, I probs won’t be active for the next day or two, because I’m making a blog for a Wolf Among Us OC. I’ve only got the about and navi pages to do.  The theme I chose was being a pain in the ass, but it’s looking pretty so far.

Besides that, I’m sorry to the people I owe replies for the inconvenience. I’m not the quickest roleplayer by any means, but I got a couple of those that I should get to once the blog is up and running. 

How I got to my second hundred is beyond me, but welcome, peeps and peepettes! This is gonna come bite me in the ass sooner or later, but like for a starter, maybe?

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girls, who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point, should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise

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Ever wanted to make another blog, but not an email account? Well, good news, you don’t have to. Using your current email address simply add ‘+character’sname’ to the end. Like so:


It’ll send it to your email account without a sanfoo and then you can give into your ever increasing blog count without having to add more email accounts to your name. And then, you never forget the login.

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SHE'S THUNDERSTORMS, LYING ON HER FRONT  ➭  A Poppy Carmichael Solomon moodboard [x]

SHE'S THUNDERSTORMS, LYING ON HER FRONT  ➭  A Poppy Carmichael Solomon moodboard [x]



       {— ✂ —|}
                          Why did he life matter to someone he only just met? They
                          weren’t even technical acquaintances at that! He didn’t
                          get it; it made no sense. Why? Why would him surviving
                          make a difference? He was just one more lost life in a world
                          full of robotic people, doing the same thing every day. Lips
                          pursed together with a shake of his shoulders.

                                                              ❝ Why..? Why me, and why not you?
                                                              Shouldn’t you be worried over yourself
                                                              than someone like myself?!

       After all the hardships she’s gone through, all the times she has
       been double-crossed, and all the people she lost, one would be
       led to believe that all of those things would teach her to only fend
       for herself, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. You see, if she
       can keep one soul from being taken from this cruel world, she’ll
       do it in a heart beat, even if that won’t ever make her forget of what
       she has done ever since she escaped.

               ”Because it’s me who they’re after…and they have
               for years. They will always be after me.”


Dark hair shagging over his eyes both helped to block out the sun, and attract its intense summer warmth. Bare head started to accumulate sweat at the back, even as the boy attempted his best to stick only to the shadows. But there were always too many people in Shinjuku, too many crowds, and it got his fight-or-flight instincts to drum on high.

Still, he swam through the crowd like a cat at sea, keeping to himself, and finding the afternoon sun made him sleepy. With a slide in his step, the boy made his way towards the local park. Sure it would be crowded, but Kouichi was determined to find somewhere to lay down. That way he could be outside and away from things, even if for just a little while.

He didn’t mean to start running, but he just had a bad feeling. Running put some distance behind him, made him feel like he had wings. All he had to do was make it past all the people and find somewhere he could be —

Someone tripped along the path, and Kouichi almost ran right into them. Not many people stopped to stare, instead going about their business, lights turning green across the district. But the guy just couldn’t leave her - he knew he had a higher duty to help people. A warrior of the worlds, as some would say.

"Hey, are you okay?" Kouichi reached out to the stranger, short red sleeves and beige shorts stretching as he knelt next to her. As strange as it was, he tried to block the sun out for them so it wouldn’t strike their eyes. And then he just waited patiently, silently next to them for the person to gather their bearings. His heart beat fast.

"Looks like you fell pretty hard…"

Letting a hoarse groan escape her trachea, quiet oaths escaping chapped, rosy lips as the world around her blurred, along with time for a split second. She bit onto her lower lip, her gaze falling onto her now scraped, reddened knees. It seemed that no matter the situation was, she always ended up gaining some kind of injury, even if just for her own clumsiness.

Despite that, she couldn’t say she was surprised. After years of moving from place to place in between twenty-four hours and escaping those who tried to capture her, she has gotten used to the pain of minor injuries, but even so, she wished that she could go more days without getting some kind of bruise or cut.

What she wasn’t expecting, however, was for a boy to abruptly stop in his tracks to check on her. She supposed that either it was far too common for incidents like this to occur on a daily basis or that transit in Shinjuku hurried too much for people to actually pay attention.

Not that she really cared. In fact, she preferred it that way. If there was one thing she despised, it was drawing attention to herself. It was attention that usually got her in tedious situations, and the last thing she needed was to get into one of those after being in the city for barely two or three hours.

Chestnut-hued irises locked with his cerulean own, answering with a flustered, brief nod. “I think so…” Poppy replied hesitantly, offering a timid, grateful smile. She reached for the rucksack’s handle, letting out a nervous, heavy sigh before carefully standing up while briefly observing the boy.

It had been a while since she had been shown some generosity, specially from an adolescent like herself. The last time she had spoken with somebody around her age or a tad younger was nothing but a blur. Then again, that was probably her own fault, as she didn’t really bother with interracted with people of her age range, and not because her socializing skills were poor.

"I guess I did…Wasn’t quite looking where I was going."



                    "… why the heck are you in my house?”
                           he’s standing there in his pajamas with a
                           juicebox in his hand.

   ”—Oh, shit. Must’ve gotten the wrong way. S-sorry.”
    Yeah, because sneaking in some random dude’s house
   after getting shot is totally normal.



'I understand. And if you're interested
in science a great deal, it is rather
difficult to also put your faith blindly
in religion, isn’t it?’

"Yeah, tell me about it. My family was…well, is
pretty religious, but I suppose it just wasn’t for
me. If I just believe in it, just because of them,
it wouldn’t be honest.”

➭   ◣ wxlf 


[ Steps are flimsily, quaveringly taken in a heavy, even sluggish speed.
The petite monsoon reaches for a nearby wall to support herself in, but
she stumbles to the worn-out, cemented ground, the boisterous thud
ringing in her eardrums. Her hands wobble rather forcibly, knucles and
fingertips drenched in crimson and dust, as the more she struggles to
see, the more her pupils increase and decrease in a continual fashion.

She should have known better, she should have known they were gonna
be there, she thinks to herself. It is always her gullibility and her despair
for a better life, an opportunity to start afresh and live a life without secrets
that has gotten in her in situations like these. Of course that their fear of
those men would make them sell her out, but she wasn’t betrayed. You
can’t betray a mere stranger. They just wanted to keep their families safe,
away from the big, bad world and the threats that lived in it. ]


[ Little does she know that her cries for mercy aren’t just thoughts repeating
in her little bent, exploited mind, but agonizing, high-pitched screams echoing
against bricked walls, abandoned departments and perhaps, augmented ears.
She is hacking in between violent sobs, spitting blood and losing her balance.
Palms fly to her ears, digging into the thin skin, hoping that would keep this
ghastly, unbearable bumbling sound.

It’s like her head is about to explode, like a ticking time bomb counting down
the seconds, as if the crimson oozing from her nostrils and eyes were the
thread burning shorter as it approximates full-out, unqualified destruction. ]



+ Kaitlyn Dever in Last Man Standing (3x15)
  • (c) xsonusfluctu
  • Also in: TBA in Hollow Art
  • Screencaps: by me
  • Size: 100x100 px
  • Media: TV
  • Character: Eve Baxter
  • Icon Count: 64

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